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Dream Journey

I just started a course in school, first lesson today, on English Language. Our first focus is creative writing. I've written a lot of fan fiction before, but that's it. As a warm up to the course, today we had a bit of a creative writing session using the following techniques. I'll include what we did, and what I wrote. Any tips on my own writing are appreciated, as I'm not used to original writing and barely write at all in the first person. It actually felt quite awkward.

One: Imagine yourself walking done a path, and write a paragraph describing this path.

Sunlight is falling in dappled pactches on the earth and reflecting off the leaves, which are damp from a recent rainstorm. Casting shadows and blocking out the sights of the surrounding world, trees grow from the hedges, lining the path abd obscuring the view of the sky. Birds and insects make soft noises close by, while the dull drone of the motorway, far in the distance, makes a monotonous undercurrent of sound.

Two: As you walk along the path, you find a key.

The key is waiting when I turn a corner, resting on the wet earth with dead leaves scattered about it. Weak sunlight makes it shine and the glare catches my eye. Small and silver, the key is light as I pick it up and toss it between my hands. I let my mind wander, enjoying contemplating all the possibilities of its origins. It's cool to the touch. I drop it in the dirt and walk away.

Three: You come to a body of water; it could be a stream, a river, a puddle or even a random bathtub. What is it, and how do you cross?

I hear the stream before I see it; the calm sounds of the trickling water seem to radiate down the path like an echoing hall. There's a bridge which could've been lifted from a gothic tale and I half expect someone to come running across it, sobbing and screaming for their lost lover. I cross - afterall, what else is there to do? In the middle I pause for a long time and look into the water, seeing how it reflects everything around it. I watch the images distort in the flow, going from beautiful swirls of colour to gnarled and twisted depictions, until a bird crows and I snap back to reality.

Describe a tree you come across on your journey.

There's a tree by the side of the path as I continue. Actually, there are lots but only one catches my eye. At first there's nothing special about it except that I'm looking, I'm drawn to it. It's not a beautiful willow tree or a strong oak; it's plain, it's the kind of tree you pass everyday and never notice. As I look, it seems like new things are emerging, colours and contours that are starlingly amazing in their simplicity.

Ahead of you, there is a bend in the path. Describe walking towards it, and seeing a man coming around the corner and walking towards you.

My heart sinks. Up ahead, it looks like the path comes to a dead end. I pause and lean against a tree; the bark digs into my back. As I sigh and consider turning back, I hear the crunch of footsteps on dry leaves. A man has appeared at the end of the path, or what I thought was the end. Feeling slightly stupid and thanking God that people can't read my thoughts - something I find myself doing increasingly often - I nod a greeting.
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