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writing_tricks's Journal

Writing Tricks 101
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Writing Tricks 101 is a community for writers of all levels and genres to share tips and tricks of the trade which have enhanced their creative experience -- suggestions that, as author Rick DeMarinis wrote, "may squeeze the trigger of your loaded imagination." It was inspired by this post. :-)

Rule One: There Are No Rules -- other than an overall guideline to remain focused on sharing positive energy and ideas.

How have you experimented with avoiding/overcoming writer's block rather than wallow in it? How do you get words to jump through hoops for you? Have you read a helpful how-to book, or read an inspiring suggestion from another source? Do you have a routine or do you wait for a muse to move you? Do you prefer longhand or keyboard composition? What works for you? Do tell....

If you have any comments or suggestions for this community, please post them here or email me (lisaloo) at the address listed above.