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Writer's Block/Laziness

For the past month I've been lazily attempting to combat writer's block. Actually, I'm not sure if it was writer's block or pure laziness. But, I bought a book of writing prompts and have been making it a habit of doing at least one prompt every morning. The book that I got is called The Writer's Idea Book by Jeff Heffron. It's really jump started my writing again and I've been working on my plays regularly again.
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Good point re: writer's block vs. laziness, I often question myself on that, too! :) Thanks for the tip on Jeff Heffron's book, I'm always in the market for that kind of reading. What type of plays to do you write?
I write a lot of short comedies, but I am also attempting to write a full length serious play. What do you like to write?
*impressed* That's great! I'm currently working on my biggest project to-date: a biography. I have a LJ that focuses on my trials/tribulations as I work if you're interested. urbane_rebel I also like to write fiction, but can't concentrate on that until the bio is done; then I hope to self-publish short stories and maybe a novel or two. :)